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We Take the Risk Out Of Renting

Renting your vacation home is simple with Winegard Vacation Rentals. WVR  is a service company specialized in short-term rental management. We take the hassle out of your ability to make money on your property.  Our company will provide you with calendar management of all your listings, bookings inquiries, cleaning, and all other aspects of renting out your property to vacationers 24 hours a day. 

We make the entire experience hassle-free, and we walk you through the steps of renting your home without the stress of doing it yourself. If anything goes wrong, we have systems in place to take care of you and your property. The experience of renting your vacation home will be completely different than managing it yourself or working with one of our low-price cut-rate competitors.

“Winegard Vacation Rentals has managed my property for about two years. Their work is impeccable. They are responsive, fast-acting and always solution driven. I can highly recommend them.”


Issues in Property Management?

Pricing your vacation investment property to meet market value.
Screening potential tenants and setting the right expectations.

Handling maintenance requests and knowing what reasonable.

Picking the right vacation management company for the best value and service.

Collecting applications and running background checks.
Drafting a lease contract that protects your investment.
Establishing a trusted vendor network for maintenance needs.
Handling the complex accounting of your investment.
Avoiding lost income from evictions and lease violations.
Knowing what kind of insurance you need to carry as a landlord.

Full Service Solutions

We provide all services related to the home including landscaping, pest control, maintenance and even construction.

Your One-Stop Shop

Winegard Vacations Rental – your one-stop shop for trusted management of your valuable rental properties.

White Glove Service

We bring White Glove service to our clients but not at White Glove prices. Your Property is in good hands!


We Know it’s Tough to Trust Someone Else

The thought of having someone else living in your home can be overwhelming.

  • Are they going to take care of my house?
  • Are they going to be good neighbors to my neighbors?
  • Are they going to treat me with respect?

You don’t have to answer these questions yourself. Winegard Vacation Rentals gets to know you and your expectations from your tenants, and has a screening process to ensure that you get the best possible tenant in place. We want a successful tenant who pays on time and is respectful of your vacation rental property.


The Winegard Vacation Rentals Difference

Becoming a successful property manager doesn’t have to take hours of time and hassle on your part. If you’ve decided on renting out your home and don’t know where to start, or you’ve been doing it for a while and want to delegate responsibilities, Winegard Vacation Rentals Property Management is the premiere solution for your situation.

We do business at the local level. Your Property Manager will tour your property, get to know you and make sure that you have everything you need to enjoy the good life. You get paid to your bank account, and we do all the work.


Properties (and Growing!) Under Our Management


of Tenants Receive a Portion of their Security Deposit Back


of our Renters Leave 5 Star Reviews

What does a property management company do?

The best property manager delivers from beginning to end.

Our job goes beyond renting your vacation home. It starts with finding the perfect tenants for your property. We then manage your property, collect rent, and make sure it is well maintained.

We start the process to keep it rented as fast as possible so that you keep getting paid on your vacation property. 

  • Entire state of Florida
  • Entire state of Texas
  • Soon entire state of Arizona

The sign up fee includes professional photography, listing, and advertising of your property on multiple online platforms.  Guest inquiries, booking, and  a guest walk-through check-in. Inventory restocked upon check-out, cleaning, and maintenance.

WVR Concierge’s idea is  to save you time and energy while also bringing in as much income as possible with our vacation rental program. WVR Concierge will take care of your home. At each  guest check-out we will make an inventory report to the owner and if needed, we will contact a plumber, handyman, electrician, or a landscaper to keep the maintenance up to date.

WVR Concierge will handle the guest requests and will provide a monthly report detailing all the booking and accounting information.

Our commission fees are only based on booking nightly rate. We offer two different packages for you to choose from:

  • 22% management fee includes the following services:
  • Advertise on multiple online sites to get you more bookings (Airbnb, Homeaway, VRBO, Flipkey,)
  • Professional photographs
  • Handle all traveler inquiries, consultations, and bookings 24 hours a day
  • Handle all contracts, deposits, and collection fees
  • Maximize your earnings with our operation system and booking technology
  • Digital wi-fi based lock system and we change the lock code for each guest for the entirety of their stay

  • Welcoming gifts (for our luxury property)
  • 24 hour availability for guest emergencies
  • Property maintenance
  • Trash & recycling responsibilities
  • Cleaning services
  • Inventory and damage inspection
  • Restocking bath and kitchen supplies

and the 25% commission adds these services:

The benefits of choosing the 22% management fee are:

  • TOT / Hotel Tax registration, permitting, filing, and payment.
  • A confirmed WVR Concierge staffer at each guest check in
  • One post-owner stay cleaning per month (Exclusively for the 180 day contract).
  • One household maintenance property review (not including cost of material or labor for additional work)

Yes.  WVR Concierge wants to be your eyes and ears so we can make sure that your property is safe, and in case of emergency we will be there to resolve the problem.

After every check-out, WVR Concierge will prepare a report indicating the overall experience during the guests stay. We will prepare this report based on a walk-through before and after the house cleaning and the restocking supplies for the next guest.

We will also verify for signs of damage, smoking (when its not allowed inside the property), or additional people who were not included in the reservation (if the owner allow us to install cameras out side of the property).

WVR concierge has a 1million dollar policy available to it when taking Airbnb reservations.

We require security deposits (usually $500-$1000 (some properties, much higher depending on the property)).

The amount of the security deposits will depend on the property, it could be between $250 to $1000 (it could be higher depending on the property).

We also offer our clients short term rentals insurance policies upon request.

We could also require from the guests a purchase of insurance to cover property damage. The policies usually covers between $1500 to $5000.

In our initial inventory report we will take pictures of each room in your property and list all the items by identifying the model, brand, and serial number.

For insurance purposes and reimbursement you need to keep the original receipts. Also make sure that sentimental/irreplaceable items are not left in the property.  Should something happen to one of these items, it may not be covered for the full value.

It also important to know that some items such as towels, cups, silverware, may go missing. This is the cost of doing vacation rentals and unfortunately any replacement can be offset against any rental income. So, its a good idea to have inexpensive items in the house that can be easily replaced at HomeGoods, Target, Costco, etc…

Our sign up fee is $250 paid upfront. This fee covers any upfront costs the home may need such as the initial cleaning and household supplies. It also covers professional photography, light maintenance, and general furniture positioning.

Our terms are in effect for a minimum of 1 year. After this minimum period, either party can cancel this contract without penalty, as long as no future bookings are in effect that would result in a cancellation.

We ask our potential clients to join a partnership with our company by completing the registration form. There you will find our terms and you can choose what kind of services that you want in your contract. Once this step is completed, you can use your credit card to pay for your chosen features.

No. We only charge a percentage from the booking rate. We don’t charge for restocking supplies or laundering (the guests are the ones who will be paying this cleaning fee).

In a case requiring one of our staff for something unrelated to the short term rental, we charge a fee per hour on site. That would usually be related to construction or other services alike. In this situation a WVR Concierge will be at your property to meet the appropriate service provider.

Our terms are in effect for a minimum of 90 days, and after this minimum period either party can cancel this contract without penalty, as long as no future bookings are in effect and result in a cancellation.

To prevent this cancellation when its already booked, WVR Concierge charges $2.400,00. This amount of money is based on the expenses of the guests, who paid for flights, rental car, and booked a room with us, and also for our reputation.

The only exemption for paying the cancellation fee would be in an extremely case such as unexpected death, significant injury or illness, or a natural disaster that effects the property.

There are no specific rules, you can stipulate your own personal house rules such as no smoking or no pets (or charge extra per pets).

The TOT is charged to the guest and the payment goes straight to the city. The responsibility of the TOT payment is from the owner of the property.

WVR Concierge understands the necessity of answering the guests inquiries as fast as possible,  we usually answer them in minutes, and we always answer them within 24 hours.

The fee is included in the booking reservation as part of the guest’s payment per stay.

The price of the cleaning is based on the size of your property and the time that will be required to complete the cleaning, laundry, and organizing. If the property requires an excessive amount of cleaning, we may charge more than a regular cleaning and we will take the money from the deposit.

You can use your property anytime! As long there are no reservations on your specific dates.

WVR Concierge staff will be at each guest check in (The guest must confirm with our team the expected arrival time. We can wait up to thirty (30) minutes after the confirmed time. In case of an unexpected change of events, we will still be able to meet the guest at the check in location at a new confirmed time if our staff is available.

When the staff its not available we will open the house remotely when the guests arrive or give them the access code.

The price is based on the size of your property (you can charge a little more if there is a pool), the quality of your property, where it is located, and the price of the hotels and other rentals around your location.

After the software checks all of those details, we will have a base price for the property. But also after we have listed the property for some time we can adjust the price higher or lower based on the demand which will help to increase your income.

Its very easy to start. First we will take professional pictures of your home, list it on multiple platforms, and include your personalized house rules. In one to three days you are all set to rent your property and become a professional vacation rental.

It is very easy to start service with us. Once you complete the registration form, the contract will appear on your screen. Read through it, agree with our terms clicking the box shown below, and pay our sign up fee. That’s it, in less than 10 minutes you can become a professional homeowner vacation rental.

The best houses to use as vacation rental are the one located in a tourist area or around it. Usually those houses/apartments are rented for $150 to $200 per night. Houses close to the beach (up to 5miles) are also great too, especially when there is more than one room available that can sleep 4 or 6 people. Remember, your property must be fully furnished containing couch, tables, chairs, TV, internet, utensils, etc…

Homeowners can pay WVR Concierge using cash, check, and credit card. (the sign up fee can be paid by credit or debit card on our website).

Guests of WVR Concierge can pay with cash or credit card.

All the guests make online reservations using their chosen online vacation rental website and book from there. After the book, we will contact them to schedule the key exchange and answer any inquires that they may have.

Homeowners get paid once a month. We will send you your statements and transfer your payments into your bank account or paypal account, you can choose which one is more convenient for you.

Yes.  In fact we encourage you to decorate your place that would appeal to any potential renters.  We also offer services that provide a professional interior decorator to help you stage your property in the most appealing way to enhance customer satisfaction and more bookings.

No. You make your own house rules. It is very common to charge an extra fee for each pet in the home.

In case of emergency, you can access your house without any problem. We just need to give notice the guests.

If the item is replaceable such as a TV, we can take the money from the deposit and replace the item.

We have certified specialists authorized by WVR Concierge that can repair these types of problems. We would need an authorization form the homeowner to resolve these issues.

Also, depending on the house rules, (and also the type of property), we could require damage protection policy.






24/7 Peace Of Mind

Choosing Winegard Vacation Rentals means you’ve made the right choice in ensuring your property is cared for by the best in the business. We take a tech-forward approach to getting you paid on time, every time. We also provide tenant screening and guarantees that you keep you covered. With all that and more, it’s hard not to see that working with this Winegard Vacation Rentals is the best decision you’ve ever made.

Being a dedicated landlord means long hours to do everything right by everyone involved. Your evenings and weekends vanish, and when renting your vacation property goes wrong, it’s more stress than many can take. But you can skip right to the successful property owner end of the story by scheduling your no-strings-attached discovery call with your local Winegard Vacation Rentals Property Management agency.


Trusted By Happy Home Owners

I have a rental property in South Florida, but my primary residence has been out of state for many years. Eric Winegard, Winegard Vacation RentalsProperty Management, continues to exceed our expectations by being thoughtful in his approach to routine and/or difficult tenant challenges. He is always available for emergencies/non emergencies, provides options based on his wealth of knowledge, very professional and courteous, helps generate best ROI, and provides timely invoices/statements. This is by far our best property management experience and he comes highly recommended. Thanks Eric!

Alvin T.

Eric and his team run the most professional property management business I have ever had the pleasure of working with! For me, the key to great service in a company I work with is, communication and being able to deliver on their promises and Winegard Vacation Rentals Property Mgt do it every time. They have also helped a number of my friends when they have needed to find accommodation with short notice. I cannot praise them highly enough – thank you for bing a great business 🙂


Eric Winegard is an excellent and very thorough Property Management company. They are very professional. responsible, and detail-oriented. Highly recommend.


Great service. They respond quickly to my tenants request. They contact me immediately and take care of the problem. It has changed my life and I sleep at night without worry.

Robert H.


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